Monday, September 30, 2013

September Bakin' Friends 
  It's Bakin' Friend reveal day!!!!

This months secret ingredient was zucchini!!! And since I love, love, love zucchini I was so excited when this months package came in the mail.

So excited that I started ripping the goodies open before taking pictures. Opps :) 

My Bakin' Friend this month was Renee from What' 4 Dinner Mama. Aren't those the cutest little butterfly stickers?

She sent me Coconut-Date Cake Bars and although they were a little beat up from the trip here they were so delicious.

I love this little bakin' friends group and can't wait until the next one. If you want to join and I think you should, click here to learn more about it. 


  1. How cute is this package!! And dates in zucchini bars, brilliant!

  2. Sounds like similar ingredients to a larabar! Perfectly sweet package!

  3. What a great cute!! I love your bars. A very creative use of zucchini.